I bring my love of design and appreciation of detail to my work as a photographer. Working with clients of various backgrounds and disciplines, I create dynamic images that convey the look as well as the emotion of a space. I specialize in the use of HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography. This technique produces images honoring the subtle nuances intended by the architect / designer accurately without adding additional lighting sources.  I have a special appreciation for design that incorporates rare, unusual or unexpected combinations of materials. I enthusiastically offer my clients a collaborative experience wherein they see their design elevated to its potential.

Brian Ashby is an architectural and design photographer based in San Francisco, California.



An esthetically pleasing photograph is often challenged by elements beyond the intention of the architect / designer.  Utility lines, adjacent structures and code requirements can bring unwanted items into images that should showcase your design.  I bring a unique level of attention to detail in both approach and execution of my images.  I believe architects and designers strive to honor the relationships of their design with its environment as well as the people that will inhabit it.   Your choice of materials, layout and the atmosphere created by natural and architectural lighting are among the things my images capture.  My skillful use of High-Dynamic-Range (HDR) software as well as parallax correction, retouching and color correction results in exciting images that convey these relationships.